MK, Promise Not To Tell, Jennifer McMahon, Fiction, 250 pages

  • 47-77

    Kate finally realizes that she is Del's bestfriend after she spends a great amount of time with her. She meets Del's brother, Nicky and they both have a crush on eachother. However Nicky has a secret, in which Kate is eager to discover. FICTION: Mystery--47-77 pages; Total (30)
  • 77-121

    In 2002 Kate reflects back on her life with her ex-husband, Jaime, and talks about an abortion she had. In 1971 her and Del went hunting with Nicky and she talked to the popular girl, Ellie, about how she was going to fake being Dels friend, to spy on her. Pages 77-121 total (44)
  • 121-146

    Nickey found Kate's cat, Magpie, dead in the woods, and brought it back to her. She never told her mom about it because it would really hurt her mom. Kate believes that someone is framing her as the killer of Opal's friend, Tori. FICTION: Pages 121-146 total (25)
  • 146-174

    Kate went to burry Dels star that was put in her pocket and ran into Opal running around at night. Then, her mother began acting weird one day and painted a face into her artwork. Kate called Nicky over and sorted out some secrets. FICTION: Pages 146-177 total (31)
  • 174-199

    Kate saw her old bus driver, Ron Mackenzie, in a nursing home and he chanted a song, saying that del was coming for her. It said that she better lock all her doors. Kate thinks that He might have something to do with the murder of Del. FICTION: Pages 174-199 total (25)
  • 199-242

    The book ended with a great deal of suspense. Del took over Kate's mother and had caused Kate to chase her to the old cabin. Dels wasn't trying to do harm, but only was trying to save Opal's life. It turns out that Zack was the killer all along and tried killing opal because she took the sheriff badge out of his cabinet. Kate used Nickys gun to kill Zack and save Opals life. FICTION: Pages 199-242 Total (43)