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MK, Hate List, Jennifer Brown, Fiction, 405-pages

  • Pages 1-29

    The book introduced two three characters, Valerie, her boyfriend Nick, and Dr. Hieler. The book started off by going straight into a news report explaining what had happened at a high school shooting. Valerie's boyfriend was the shooter, who arraged the entire thing. He shot Valerie's leg, causing her to stay out of school for a while. She eventually had to go back and it was a little challenging for her, at first. FICTION Total (29)
  • 29-52

    When Valerie arrived at school, people we're shocked that her presence was back. She met back up with a few friends who were pleased to see her once again. The day was going well for her, until she ran into an awkward situation. While in class, she looked over and saw a girl crying. Some other girls were trying to comfort them, and when they was asked whats wrong, she anounced that she couldn't handle Valerie being there. It wasn't a good feeling. Total (23)
  • 52-105

    The book is now jumping back and fourth from the time Nick was alive and to the present in Valerie's life. The book is sendng out mental images to what it was like having Nick around. Him and her had a strong bond and said "As long as we have eachother, who cares about everyone else?" Of cource Valerie only agreed befor she lost Nick. Total (53)
  • 105-158

    The book eventually jumps back to the point in time where Valerie is first in the hospital. She talks about how at first, she doesn't know where she is, she feels like everyone is acting very weird, and that her brother doesn't say a word to her, but just looks angry. She is definitely feeling confused. Her mother finally explains what is going on. total (53)
  • 158-196

    Valerie is starrting to feel like everyone in the world hates her. She begins to talk about this with her mom and says the her dad hates her. Her mom begins to say that he loves her and Valerie gets angry. She asks If her mom hates her now too, and her mom does not say no. Valerie takes this to heart and her mom walks away. Total (38)
  • 196-240

    Valerie's mom doesn't want Valerie to read newspapers or watch TV, because she believes that it will cause Valerie to become depressed again. Valerie goes against this and reads a news article talking about how the shooting caused people to have a different perspective on life, and the Nick might just be a hero. She sneaks it into Dr.Hieler's office for questioning. total (44)
  • 240-276

    Jessica Campbell wants to be friends with Valerie. Valerie has no idea why and feels like she is becoming the "class project", because all of a sudden, everyone is wanting her to talk or be friends with them.Valerie says that she will not love again after Nick and talks to her dad about why he and her mother hate eachother. total (36)
  • 276-310

    Valerie sits with Jessica and realizes that it really isn't so bad and even becaomes close with her. She has a conversation with Megan abot the whole shooting and apologies deeply for Megan's best friend getting shot. Vallerie starts hanging out with jessica, and actually goes out with the group. total (34)
  • 310-376

    Valerie went to a "barn yeard" party with her new group of friends and danced with josh. She thought about how dissapointed Nick would be to see her dancing with Josh, but then she remembered that he is gone. They both walk out and a guy named troy teases and harrases her with an unloaded gun. He tells her to not speak to his sister every again. Valerie gets picked up by her dad, and they get into a huge arguement. total (66)
  • 376-405

    The book ends with Valeries graduation day. Jessica starts talking about the shooting and how everyone will be missed terribly. Both Jessica and Valerie make a speech together and talk about what everyone put in the time capsules. Eventually the book closes up with Valerie going to college. total (29)