Mitski's life

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  • Mitski was born:D

    On September 27, 1990, Mitsuki Laycock was born. She was born to an American father and Japanese mother.
  • First song

    After moving to many places for her father's work including Japan, China, and Malaysia, her family settles down. In America, Mitski writes her first song.
  • College

    Originally at Hunter college to study film, Mitski decides to transfer to Purchase college's conservatory for music. As she's there she writes and releases her first two albums.
  • Lush

    Lush is Mitski's first album, write while she was in college. She recorded it herself and it's self-released.
  • Second Album

    Second Album
    Mitski's second album, Retired from Sad, New carrier in business. It is also released while she was in college as a student project.
  • Prog metal band???

    After graduating, Mitski was in a prog metal band named voice coils. In the short-lived band, she sang lead vocals.
  • Bury me at Makeout creek

    Bury me at Makeout creek
    After college, she began working on her third studio album, Bury me at makeout creek. It was highly acclaimed by many publications.(one of my favorite albums)
  • A signing

    Mitski signs with the company Dead Oceans. She releases new music the following year.
  • A great reveiw

    Before releasing the whole album, Mitski releases the lead hit single "Your best American girl". It's named the 13th best song of the 2010s by the rolling stones.
  • The fourth

    The fourth
    Mitski's fourth studio album is called Puberty 2. The album received widespread acclaim from many publications.
  • Lorde

    Lorde announces Mitski will be an opening act for her Melodrama world tour. But only for selected dates.
  • A Cowboy

    A Cowboy
    Mitski's fifth studio album is named Be the Cowboy. It was named album of the year by many publications, including pitchfork. (It's my favorite album)
  • Choreography

    She starts incorporating choreography in her live performances. Most are inspired by Butoh, a form of post-war Japanese dance.
  • A single

    Mitski releases her new song "cop car". It was going to be used in the horror movie, the turning, but wasn't.
  • Featured

    She makes an appearance in Allie X's album, Cape God. The song that she's featured in is titled "Susie save your love"