Missing Years of The Count of Monte Cristo

  • Revolution in France

    The French Revalution in 1830 was when King Charles X was replaced with Louis-Philippe.King Charles X inspired resentment in the French middle class .
  • 1st U.S. bank robbery (City Bank, New York/$245,000)

    This bank was robbed in New York City.Edward Smith was caught and convicted with 5 years for opening the door.
  • 1st US steam engine train run (Albany to Schenectady, NY)

    This engine was lightly built, and was retired less than two years after going into service. It was Called The Witt Clinton and wieght 3.5 tons.
  • Boston Academy of Music, 1st US music school,

    Boston Academy of Music school would teach both secular and religious music.That was the first music pedagogical institution in the country around that 1833
  • Whig Party holds its 1st national convention

    This party was began in New York.The First Democratic National Convention Was Held in May 1832, but it was in Baltimore in 1836