Missing Purse

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  • Mrs. Trpkosh was robbed

    Mrs. Trpkosh was robbed
    Mrs. Trpkosh was robbed at about 3:45 on May 20, 2011
  • Mrs. Trpkosh gives statement

    Mrs. Trpkosh says that she was waiting for her kids and was leaving to get them. As she was leaving she was robbed by a medium built person from behind. The person stole her purse and ran out the back door. In seconds Mrs. Bennett came out of her room to see what had happened to Mrs. Trpkosh then chased suspect and saw them enter a silver Honda Pilot. Also stated that it had to be a teacher because they knew she stayed late.
  • Mrs. Trpkosh

    Mrs. Trpkosh
    When Mrs. Trpkosh was asked if she had found her purse. She said it was by Mrs. Burns. Then asked what was missing she replied said money, a lanyord bracelet, pictures were out of place and insurance cards were missing.
  • Mr. Rydstorm

    Mr. Rydstorm
    Stays late on Fridays but was at bank at time of robbery. Also said other teachers with kids stay late to pick them up.
  • Mrs. Bennett

    Mrs. Bennett
    Mrs. Bennett was in her room at the time of the robbery and that she head noises in the hall and checked and saw Mrs. Trpkosh on the ground and went to her side to see if she was alright them took off after the assaliant and saw them entering a silver Honda Pilot. With further questioning she said that Mr. Rickertson, Mr. Rydstorm and Mr. Hynek would all be at school.
  • Mrs. Burns

    Mrs. Burns
    Was given puses by a janitor. Janitor found purse in garbage when emptying it.
  • Mr. Rickertson

    Amitted to wearing black Nike shoes and a black sweat shirt on Friday, May 20 and was at school at the time of the crime but was at Prairie Crest shortly after to pick up kids. Also said that he owns a silver Honda Pilot.
  • Mrs. Koppenhaver

    Mrs. Koppenhaver
    Says Mr. Rickertsen was in Mrs. Trpkosh's room 10 min. before the robbery.
  • Probable Cause and warrent

    Many teachers say Mr Rickertsen was in the school at the time of the robbery and in Mrs. Trpkosh's room before the robbery and a near by place right after the robbery. Also was wearing clothes and shoes shown in surveillance camera and he also drives a silver Honda Pilot which was the get away car in the robbery.
  • Evidence and arrest

    Evidence and arrest
    Went into Mr. Rickertsen's room and searched his middle desk draw and found all Mrs. Trpkosh's stolen things. Then we had enough to arrest Mr. Rickertsen.