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  • up and coming of The Misfits

    up and coming of The Misfits
    Glenn danzig decided to form a band that performed all original material, naming it The Misfits after Marilyn Monroe's final movie He began rehearsing with drummer Manny Martinez bringing in bassist Diane DiPiazza at another session. Later rehearsals featured new guitarist Jimmy Battle and Mr. Jim on drums. After a while, Jimmy was unable to come to practice because he lived too far across town. These rehearsal sessions occurred periodically until February 1977.
  • Period: to

    misfits era

  • The Misfits were born.

    The Misfits were born.
    It wasn't until Manny introduced Danzig to bassist Jerry Caiafa that The Misfits were really born. Almost immediately, the trio began rehearsing songs that Danzig had written, with titles like "She," "Cough/Cool," "Feline Nursery," "Harpies In The Night," "Bullet," "Hollywood Babylon," "West End Avenue," and "In The Doorway." Danzig played keyboards and sang for the band.
  • not turning back.

    not turning back.
    The Misfits arrived in Toronto, Canada after a ten-hour drive, for two shows only to discover that the headlining band, Devo, had cancelled. Instead of driving back to New Jersey, they went ahead and did the shows with local band, The Skulls opening. The Skulls included future D.O.A. vocalist Joey Sh**head.
  • getting back on track

    getting back on track
    After a four month break with no drummer and no shows, The Misfits recruited Arthur Googy, a drummer from New York City who had never been in a band.
  • friends with The Necros

    friends with The Necros
    The Misfits began their friendship with The Necros while playing the first of many shows together, at Bookie's Club 879 in Detroit, MI. The show was recorded on both soundboard audio and 8mm video.
  • over a cheeseburger

    over a cheeseburger
    According to Jerry Only in Ugly Things #12, Danzig and Googy got in an argument at a McDonald's in Los Angeles because the band was running out of money and Googy wanted a second cheeseburger. After the argument, Arthur decided to leave the band, forcing The Misfits to scrap their plans to record the Earth A.D. EP in California (almost a year before they eventually did)
  • die, die my darling.

    die, die my darling.
    Plan 9 Records released the Die, Die My Darling 12" EP, featuring the remaining tracks from the Fox Studio recording session
  • danzig & manny reunite

    danzig & manny reunite
    Former Misfits drummer Manny showed up before the Danzig show in Allentown, PA while Glenn Danzig was doing an interview with Chris and John from WCLH 90.7 FM of Wilkes-Barre, PA. A very small portion of Manny's conversation with the Danzig tour bus driver was recorded in the background of the interview. After the interview, Danzig and Manny talked for the first time in years.
  • no more danzig

    no more danzig
    After the Danzig show in Red Bank, NJ, Jerry and Doyle tried to visit Glenn Danzig at his hotel room to invite him to join The Misfits. As Jerry stated in Metal Maniacs (June 1996), "We went to his door and knocked and fifteen minutes later security came and walked us out of the hotel. So we took that as a 'no'."
  • bye glenn

    bye glenn
    The Misfits appeared at the Chiller Theatre Horror Convention in Secaucus, NJ with new singer Michale Graves and drummer Dr. Chud, promoting the return of the band and the Fiend Club. They performed a few nights later, for the first time ever without Glenn Danzig
  • rejected by Danzig

    rejected by Danzig
    Both The Misfits and Danzig performed in Los Angeles, CA on the same night and played "Death Comes Ripping." Although The Misfits considered visiting the Danzig show (which started after The Misfits' show ended), rumor had it that no members of The Misfits or their crew would be allowed into the Whisky A Go Go where Danzig was performing.
  • where eagles dare

    where eagles dare
    in september, the band released a now top 10 misfits single, Where Eagles Dare
  • danzig hates the misfits

    danzig hates the misfits
    In an interview with MTV News, Danzig denied rumors that he was returning to The Misfits. He repeated his denial for Metal Hammer on January 18, 2001.
  • project 1950

    project 1950
    the misfits released an album with the name "project 1950" it contained covers or Rock & Roll songs from the 50's and 60's.this was also bassist Jerry Only's debut as the misfits lead singer.
  • The Devils Rain

    The Devils Rain
    now about 2 years ago, the misfits released an album titled "The Devils Rain" under their own label "Misfits Records" . This had been the first album release in 8 years and the first original material since 1999. The album was titled after the 1975 horror film "The Devil's Rain"