Mirabel's Life

  • Mirabel is born - Carlton, Melbourne

  • Mirabel Visits the Soothsayer - Melbourne

    Mirabel at age 13 visited the soothsayer with her mother and received her oracle bone with its inscription. After visiting the soothsayer she changes her name to Mirabel.
  • Mirabel meets Rose - At school in Melbourne

    Mirabel's book is taken from her in History class and while she is outside feeling upset she comes across Rose who gives her the courage to go get her book back.
  • Mirabel visits her mum in Forest Glades - Mountains in Northern Melbourne

    Mirabel visits her mother in Forest Glades and finds her in a depressed state. Her mother then claims she is not the person Mirabel thinks she is.
  • Mirabel delivers a package of money to Chen Su Ting - Melbourne

    Mirabel is asked by her father to deliver a package of money to man called Chen Su Ting. She accidently takes a wrong turn and ends up in the red light district and is helped by a young woman called Angel.
  • Mirabel attends her cousin Margo's 21st Birthday party - Melbourne

    Mirabel goes to her cousin Margo's 21st birthday party and has a great time but at the end of the night Margo receives a telegram saying that her husband Harry has been seriously injured at war.
  • Mirabel graduates from high school - Melbourne

    Mirabel graduates with Rose from high school and she is unsure of what she wants to do in the future and Rose is worried about what her boyfriend will do as he says he wants to fight in the war.
  • Mirabel is saved by JJ - Melbourne

    Mirabel walked through the streets of Melbourne at night after visiting her cousin Margo and is hassled by a group of drunk American soldiers. JJ steps in to help her and once the soldiers are gone he disappears too without even telling Mirabel his name.
  • Mirabel gets a cartography job - Melbourne

    Mirabel sits the exam for the job and is given permission to work there as she passed the exam.
  • Mirabel officially meets JJ - Melbourne

    JJ and another soldier come to visit Mirabel's father and JJ and Mirabel finally learn each other's names and get to know each other.
  • Mirabel and JJ visit St Kilda together - Melbourne

    Mirabel was asked by her father to accompany JJ and his friend around Melbourne for a day but JJ's friend could not make it so it was just Mirabel and JJ together. Mirabel realises she is falling for JJ and they begin a secret relationship.
  • Mirabel and JJ go to Tasmania - Tasmania

    Mirabel and JJ travel to Tasmania secretly together.
  • JJ leaves Australia - Melbourne

    Mirabel and JJ say goodbye to each other. Mirabel finds out that her mum knew that Mirabel and JJ love each other.
  • Mirabel discovers her mother's secret - Melbourne

    Mirabel finds her mother outside at night chanting about another young girl. Mirabel finds out that her mother took the identity of another girl when that girl died to be match made with Mirabel's father.
  • Celebrations for the end of the war are taking place and Mirabel discovers she is pregnant - Melbourne

    Celebrations all over the world are taking place in happiness that the war is over. Mirabel realises that she is pregnant and decides that she must have an abortion.
  • Mirabel tells her parents she is pregnant - Melbourne

    Mirabel tell her parents that she is pregnant and they claim she has made a sin against god. The ban her from leaving the house and pretend that she doesn't exist.
  • Mirabel runs away to Adelaide - Adelaide

    Mirabel runs away from home to stay in Adelaide with her friend Eva and her husband Aubrey to have the baby there.
  • Mirabel gives birth to her son - Adelaide

    Mirabel gave birth to her son on a Tuesday in March when the morning star was still bright in the dawn sky. She named him Bao Bao which means 'Little Treasure'.
  • Mirabel's parents visit her - Adelaide

    Mirabel's parents visit her in Adelaide and demand that she come back to Melbourne and give Bao Bao up for adoption. Mirabel refuses and eventually they come to an agreement that she will go back with Bao Bao but she is not allowed to leave the house with him.
  • Chen Su Ting stops blackmailing Mirabel's family - Melbourne

    Mirabel's family receives a letter that Chen Su Ting is leaving Australia to live out his days in China and that he doesn't want any money from Mirabel's family anymore.
  • Mirabel leaves for Shanghai - Station Pier, Melbourne

    Mirabel decides to leave for Shanghai to find JJ. She finds it very hard to say goodbye to her family but she knows she must go.
  • Mirabel arrives in Shanghai - Shanghai, China

    Mirabel arrives in Shanghai. She arrives at Rose's aunty and uncles apartment and stays there.
  • Mirabel meets Jin Yu - Shanghai

    Mirabel meets Jin Yu (JJ brother) in a cafe in Shanghai and he tells her about JJ and where he is staying in China.
  • Mirabel finds JJ - Haimen, China

    Mirabel travels to JJ's village in the countryside to see him and they are finally reunited with each other.
  • Mirabel and JJ move into Shanghai together - Shanghai

    Mirabel and JJ have officially gotten married and now live in a small apartment together with Bao Bao and two servants.
  • Mirabel's friends leave Shanghai - Shanghai

    Chrissy, Edward, Rachel, Max and Stefan all leave Shanghai due to the worsening conditions there.
  • Jin Yu is killed - Shanghai

    Jin Yu is killed by anti-communist soldiers for his support of the communist party. This leads to JJ suggesting that Mirabel and Bao Bao must leave Shanghai with him to flee to safety.
  • Mirabel is questioned by government officials - Shanghai

    Mirabel is questioned by government officials about being a communist supporter as she was reported on by Mr Tan of her apartment block. They discover she was wrongly accussed and punish Mr Tan.
  • Mirabel, JJ and Bao Bao escape Shanghai - Shanghai

    Mirabel, JJ and Bao Bao flee to Hong Kong by boat and hope to travel back to Australia as soon as possible.
  • Mirabel visits the soothsayer again - Melbourne, Australia

    Mirabel visits the soothsayer again and he reveals that the words on the oracle bone will be repeated throughout her life in different cycles.