Minerva and the Weaving Contest

  • Minerva is Born

    Minerva was born from the head of Jupiter, in mature form, and in complete battle armour.
  • Arachne takes form

    With the words that Minerva shouted at Arachnes dead corpse hanging there. Arachnes body began to twist and change. she shrank up, her head became smaller. her fingers and arms became thin and slender. She took the form of a spider.
  • A Contest for the Possession of Athens

    Minerva and Neptune had a contest to produce the most useful item to humans, and the winner was awarded the city of Athens
  • Minerva Wins Athens Contest

    In the contest between Minerva and Neptune. Neptune created the horse, while Minerva produced the olive. Minerva Won the Contest and Athens
  • The City of Athens Renamed

    As Minerva won the contest over Athens. in honor, athens was renamed after Minerva. Minerva's greek form is Athena. so the city was named Athens
  • A Mortal claims to be better

    A mortal claims to be better than Minerva at spinning and weaving. she is praised from all over the lands for her work with needle and thread
  • The Mortal challenged Minerva

    The Mortal (Arachne) challenges the goddess Minerva by saying "Let Minerva try her skill with mine", "if beaten, i will pay a penalty"
  • Minerva Give Arachne a visit

    Minerva, after hearing the mortals challenge, give Arachne a visit. but not as herself, she appears in a different form. she tries to swat Arachne to take back her challenge. but Arachne will not change her mind
  • Minerva Reveals herself

    After Arachne decided not to change her mind,and is still wanting to challenge the goddess herself, Minerva reveals herself to Arachne
  • The Contest Starts

    The contest begins with both women manning their work stations.
    they both pick their inspirations. Minerva chooses on he scene with Netpune. Arachne Chooses a scene in which it depicts the failings and errors of the gods.
  • Minerva ends the contest

    Minerva ends the contest as she cannot help but admire Arachnes Work. Minerva distroys Arachnes work. then walks up and touches Arachne on the forehead, which made her feel gult and shame
  • Arachne Kills Herself

    Arachne cannot live with herself, after Minerva made her only feel shame and guilt. so Arachne turns and hangs herself
  • Minerva Finds Arachne

    Minerva finds Arachne hanging by a noose, and said the words "Live!" , "Guily Woman, and that you may preserve the memory of this lesson!"