millers time line nz

  • abel tasman

    abel tasman is credited with rediscovery of new zealand which he sighted and named staten land in 1642.
  • jean francois marie de surville

    came to nz
    named doubtles bay
  • james cook

    he made landfall at poverty bay
  • jean francois-marie de surville

    his crew made landfall in doubttless bay and contact with the maori was mostly peacefull
  • marion du fresne

    his men had an battle vs the moari
  • marion du fresne

    du fresne had contact with the maoris in the bay of island although this contact went horribly wrong ending in a blood bath.maori people had the captian for dinner.
  • whaling in nz

    the first european industry in new zealand was whaling.and the first whaling ship william and ann arrived in 1791
  • sealers arived

    similar to whaling but sealing took place in remote areas with large seal populations
  • flax trade

    trade flax for guns and used for ropes and boats and sailing
  • marsden and thomas kendall

    marsden and thomas kendall were anglican missionaries from england based church missionary society.
  • millers birthday:)

    millers birthday
  • polynesian settlement of new zealand

    and that it is likely there were by 1000ad most historian use the date 1250ad for the polynesian arrival based on a latest date possible as we cannot be absolutly sure of specific dates.