Milk Duds

By yiai1
  • Sean le Noble

    1926: Sean le Noble from Hoffman and Company, Chicago, tries to manufacture a perfectly round, chocolate-covered caramel candy, but when its machines turn out confections that are less than round, an employee calls them "duds".
  • Period: to

    Milk Duds

  • Take over

    1928: Holloway takes over the original manufacturer of Milk Duds chocolate covered caramels from F. Hoffman & Company of Chicago.
  • sell

    1960: Holloway sells F. Hoffman & Company to Beatrice Foods.
  • purchased

    1986: Leaf purchases the Milk Duds business.
  • Moved

    1992: Production of Milk Duds candy is moved to Leaf Candy Company's Robinson, Illinois, plant.
  • operation

    1996: Leaf's North American confectionery operation is acquired by Hershey Foods Corporation of Hershey, Pennsylvania.
  • change

    The Hershey Company, in 2008, changed the ingredients of some of its products, in order to replace the relatively expensive cocoa butter with cheaper oil substitutes.
  • Today

    They are still made today for halloween for sure.