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  • Nature Detectives Launched!

    Nature Detectives Launched!
    The Nature Detectives wiki has been a work in progress since the summer of 2010, but was first introduced to the students of Milford Public School in the fall. Here, the students of Milford Public School can learn about Milford's natural diversity by recording the plants and animals seen here in our own backyards.
  • Crocus

  • Daffodil foliage emerging

  • Snowdrops

  • Cabbage white butterfly

    Cabbage white butterfly
  • American toad

  • Beaver, Phoebe, Tree swallow, Two-lined salamander

  • Woodchuck, Daffodils

  • Forsythia, Hyacinth

  • Blue heron

  • Chimney swifts

    Chimney swifts
  • Tulips, Magnolia

  • Bleeding hearts

  • Bat, Northern water snake

  • Mayapple

  • Snapping turtle

  • Winter Crocus?

    crocus spotted in bloom next to a house on Spring Garden St.
  • Rufous Hummingbird

    Rufous Hummingbird
  • Cardinal

  • Forsythia

  • Magnolia

  • Dogwood

  • Cherry (Prunus sp.)

    Cherry (Prunus sp.)
  • Bleeding Hearts

    Bleeding Hearts
  • Brunnera

  • Redbud

  • Heron