mikhail gorbachov

By noah80
  • born in russia

  • Period: to

    mikhail gorbachovs life, from birth to now

  • russian food famine

    russian food famine lasted for two years
  • 2nd year of the russian food famine

  • graduated college

    makhail gorbachev graduated from moscow state university with a degree in law
  • congress party act

    Gorbachev attended the important twenty-second Party Congress in October 1961, where Nikita Khrushchev announced a plan to surpass the U.S. in per capita production within twenty years.
  • leader

    He was promoted to Head of the Department of Party Organs in the Stavropol Agricultural Kraikom in 1963
  • communist party

    While at the university, he joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  • agricultureist

    he qualified as an agricultural economist via a correspondence masters degree at the Stavropol Institute of Agriculture
  • youngest leader

    In 1970, he was appointed First Party Secretary of the Stavropol Kraikom, a body of the CPSU, becoming one of the youngest provincial party chiefs in the nation.
  • member of communist party central committee

    He was soon made a member of the Communist Party Central Committee in 1971
  • put in to the supreme court

    he was made a Deputy to the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union and Chairman of the Standing Commission on Youth Affairs.
  • kulkov died and gorbachov takes his spot

    He was subsequently appointed to the Central Committee's Secretariat for Agriculture in 1978, replacing Fyodor Kulakov,
  • promted

    Gorbachev was promoted to the Politburo, the highest authority in the country, and received full membership in 1980.