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Migration's Journey

  • What is migration?

    What is migration?
    Migration is when human's or animal's move from one place to another. There are various reasons why people migrate. Like each person has their own journey migration has journey too. Migration can be caused by push and pull factors. Push factors is a reason is forcing you to go to that place and pull factors is when you get opportunities to go to your destination. Migration can be from country to country, city to city, state to state or anything. It could be a temporary migration for 24 days too.
  • The first reason why people why people migrated - War

    The first reason why people why people migrated - War
    I don't know and others might not know too what was the first reason people migrated but I think it was because of war. People fighted, bomb's blasted so people migrated. I do, especially because of other people. I don't think it was a good idea, is a good idea and will be a good idea. Now, as i had spoken about risks I think war is a big risk when you migrate during it. Wars go on through boundaries and we migrate through boundaries too so we can die.
  • Food/Water/Shelter

    Now, that people know that they can shift during war time, they left their shelter, food, crops, cloths and many other needs behind. So now lets see what people do - They now how to shift but now they don't know when to shift . So as they know how to shift they just need to apply the same thing but change the reason to Food/Water/Shelter. If they don't do that it is sure for them to die by lack of Food/Water/Shelter so they opt to migrate.
  • Job/Work/Business

    Everyone needs to do something in life. Job/Work/Business is a main and important thing in life. Now things have been different and upgraded, well.. now people have houses and building’s so people need cooks to help the house, workers to help you wash clothes, etc. Still people need money so they do jobs. This is another reason why people migrate. They migrate due to Job/Work/Business. Example - My didi had migrated from Bhuvneshwar(Kumar)to Mumbai due to work.
  • Fun and explore

    Fun and explore
    Now that everyone has their workers in place they have enough food no wars are happening people want to explore places and have fun. They want to see the world and this is another reason why people migrate. They take a flight to a 5 star destination. They have fun all around the area and choose that as their location and live over there.