Midterm Timeline Project

  • Period: 500 to 1450

    Medieval Period

  • 1030

    Guido of Arezzo’s Micrologus

    A Little Treatise, establishes the 4 line staff, relative pitch and sight singing.
  • 1098

    Hildegard Of Bingen

    (birth date)
  • 1179

    Hildegard of Bingen

    (death date)
  • 1323

    Ars Nova Treatise

    Perfect/imperfect time and Prolation in Ars Nova.
  • Period: 1450 to

    Renaissance Period

  • 1485

    Josquin’s Ave Maria… virgo serena Motet

  • 1529

    Martin Luther Chorale Ein feste burg (A Mighty Fortress…)

  • 1538

    Arcadelt Madrigal Il Bianco e dolce cigno

  • 1567

    Palestrina Pope Marcellus Mass

    It is the ideal model for modern day counterpoint.
  • Victoria Missa O magnum mysterium

  • Gabrieli Sonata pian’e forte

    First piece with written dynamics.
    Also first piece to specify which instruments play what part.