Midsummer Night Dream

  • 1. Egus: This man hath my consent to marry her. Stand forth, Lysander. Means: the dad (Egus) says Demetrius has his consent to marry his daughter

    Means: the dad (Egus) says Demetrius has his consent to marry his daughter
  • 2. Egus: I beg the ancient privilege of Athens, As she is mine, I may dispose of her:Which shall be either to this gentleman or to her death. Means Egus will have her killed if Hermia marries anyone other than Demetrius.

  • Lysander: Demetrius, I'll avouch it to his head, Made love to Nedar's daughter. Means Lysander is telling Egus that Demetrius made love to Nedar’s daughter.

  • Theseus: Or else the law of Athens yields you up--Which by no means we may extenuate--To death, or to a vow of single life. Means Hermia will be killed if she marries Lysander, or she cannot marry anyone and live as a nun if she doesn’t marry Demetrius.

  • Lysander: I have a widow aunt, a dowager Of great revenue, and she hath no child: From Athens is her house remote seven leagues; And she respects me as her only son. There, gentle Hermia, may I marry thee;

    Means Lysander has an aunt living in Athens and they could live there and asks Hermia if she will marry him and run away to Athens.
  • Hermia: Take comfort: he no more shall see my face; Lysander and myself will fly this place.

    Means Hermia is telling Helena that Lysander and her are leaving and running away to Athens so she doesn’t have to worry about Demetrius loving Hermia anymore.
  • Oberon: Having once this juice, I’ll watch Titania when she is asleep, And drop the liquor of it in her eyes. The next thing then she waking looks upon, she shall pursue it with the soul of love:

    Means: Oberon is telling puck to go get a flower so he can make a potion that can make a person fall in love with the next person they see.
  • Hermia: Lysander riddles very prettily: Now much beshrew my manners and my pride, If Hermia meant to say Lysander lied. But, gentle friend, for love and courtesy Lie further off; in human modesty,

    Means: Hermia is practically saying that she wants to take things “slow.”
  • You spend your passion on a misprised mood:I am not guilty of Lysander's blood;Nor is he dead, for aught that I can tell.

    Means Hermia could not find Lysander and accused Demetrius of murdering Lysnader. Lysander is saying he did not murder him and doesnt think he is dead.
  • Helena: Call you me fair? That fair again unsay. Demetrius loves your fair: O happy fair!

    Means Helena is jealous that Demetrius loves Hermia.
  • Helena: I will go tell him of fair Hermia's flight: Then to the wood will he to-morrow night.

    Means Helena is planning on telling Demetrius of Lysander and Hermia planning to meet up in the woods and run away to Athens.
  • Bottom: let me play Thisby too. Let me play the lion too

    Means Bottom wants to do all the important people by himself. He already had Pyramus’s part and he wanted to play the lady and he wanted to play the lion too.
  • Oberon: Fetch me that flower; the herb I shew'd thee once: The juice of it on sleeping eye-lids laid Will make or man or woman madly dote, Upon the next live creature that it sees.

    Means: Oberon is telling puck to go get a flower so he can make a potion that can make a person fall in love with the next person they see.
  • Demetrius: I love thee not, therefore pursue me not.

    Means: I don’t love you Helena, stop chasing me.
  • Hermia: I'll follow thee and make a heaven out of hell, To die by your hand which I love so well.

    Means: Helena is practically saying that she will always follow him until she gets his love.
  • What thou seest when thou dost wake, Do it for thy true-love take, Love and languish for his sake:

    Means: Titania was sleeping and Oberon came and put the magic potion on her eyelids so now Titania falls in love with whatever living thing she sees first.
  • Puck: upon thy eyes I throw All the power this charm oth owe. When thou wakest, let love forbid Sleep his seat on thy eyelid: So awake when I am gone

    Means: Puck just put the love potion on Lysander’s eyelids while he was sleeping. So when Lysander wakes up, he will fall in love with whatever animal he sees first.
  • Transparent Helena! Nature shows art,That through thy bosom makes me see thy heart.

    Means Lysander woke up and saw Helena and is now in love with her because of the love potion.
  • Out of this wood do not desire to go:Thou shalt remain here, whether thou wilt or no.

    Means Titania is refusing to leave the woods and wants to remain there.
  • What hast thou done? thou hast mistaken quiteAnd laid the love-juice on some true-love's sight:

    Oberon is telling Puck he put the love potion on the wrong person and messed up true love