Midnight Madness

  • Practice time

    Practice time
    Bottom, Quince, Snug, Flute, Snout, and Starveling gather in the forest to practice their play for the wedding of Theseus and Hyppolyta.
    "Pat, pat; and here's a marveleus convenient place for our rehersal. This green plot shall be our stage" (III, i, 2)
  • Period: to

    June 1st 1596

    ALl the events took place in the same night.
  • Something just isn't right!

    Something just  isn't right!
    Bottom is worried about how the play isn't right, he is worried that when Pyramus kills himself the women will be sad and believe he is really dead. He is also worried the lion will scare the women, there will not be moonlight, and they don't have a wall.
  • So rude!

    So rude!
    Robin is upset and annoyed that the actors are practicing near to where Titania is sleeping.
    "What hempen homespuns have we swagg'ring here
    So near the cradle of the Fairy Queen"
    (III, i, 72)
  • What an ass

    What an ass
    Robin turna Bottom's head into one of a donkey. When Bottom returns to his fellow actors they flee in fright, Bottom assums they are trying to scare him.
  • Love at first sight

    Love at first sight
    Titania wakes up and falls madly in love with Bottom.
  • Serve him well

    Serve him well
    Titania tells all the fairies to be kind and curteous to Bottom and to bring him anything he desires.
    "Be kind and curteous to this gentlemen. Hop in his walks, gambol in his eyes"
    (III, i, 55)
  • She is in love with an ass?

    She is in love with an ass?
    Robin tells Oberon that Titania has fallen in love with an ass (Bottom). He also tells him he gave the love potion to the athenian.
  • Puck! It's all wrong

    Puck! It's all wrong
    Demetrius and Hermia walk in, Oberon sees that Robin put the potion on the wrong man. Lysander is the man in lvoe with Helena.
  • Demetrius too!

    Demetrius too!
    Robin places the love potion on Demetrius. He falls in love with Helena aswell.
  • How dare you steal my love

    How dare you steal my love
    Both men declare their love for Helena. Hermia is mad at Helena for stealing Lysander. Helena thinks that they're all playing a mean joke on her.
  • You canker blossom!

    You canker blossom!
    Hermia and Helena begin to fight.
    "O me, you juggler, you canker blossom
    You thief of love what, have you come by night
    And stol'n my love's heart from him"
    (III, ii, 335)
  • There shall be a fight

    There shall be a fight
    Demetrius and Lysander decided they will fight for the love of Helena.
    "Now follow, if thou dar'st, to try whose right, of thine or mine is most in Helena"
    (III, ii, 335)
  • Stop that fight!

    Stop that fight!
    Oberon tells Robin not let the men fight.
  • Run Run Run

    Run Run Run
    Robin shifts places and makes the lovers think that they are chasing each other, until they become tired.
  • Happy Lovers

    Happy Lovers
    The lovers fall asleep and Robin puts the potion on Lysander so that he will love Hermia once again, and Demetrius will continue to love Helena.