Middle Ages

  • Period: 500 to

    Middle Ages / American Revolution/Civil Rights Movement

  • 521

    Tristan and Isolde

    Tristan and Isolde
    Richard Wagner, Richard Le Gallienne and Edward Ziegler The Romans have withdrawn from England and the remaining English warlords are feuding among themselves over who will rule. King Donnchadh of the Celts rules England from Ireland. Lord Marke seeks to unite England by marrying the Irish king's daughter, Isolde. Unfotunately, she falls in love with his adopted son, Tristan instead.
  • 536

    King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable

    King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable
    Roger Lancelyn Green After the departure by the Romans, England is in turmoil and under attack by different tribes. King Arthur helps defeat England's ennemies and untie the kngdom of Camelot with the help of the Kinghts of the Round Table.
  • Feb 12, 1121

    The Adventures of Robin Hood

    The Adventures of Robin Hood
    Roger Lancelyn Green and John Boyne Robin of Locksley leaves to fight in the Crusades alongside the king Richard the Lionheart. He returns to England to find that his homeland has become corrupted by rulers such as the Sherrif of Nottigham. In order to restore justice, he plots against the sherrif and his men and steals from them and gives the money back to the poor.
  • Mar 5, 1255

    Good Maters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village

    Good Maters!  Sweet Ladies!  Voices from a Medieval Village
    This book was written by Laura Amy Schwartz and illustrated by Robert Byrd. Mrs. Schwartz wrote a book of miniature plays in order to teach her students about the Middle Ages. There are nineteen monologues and two dialogues. This book won a Newbery Medal.
  • Aug 11, 1430

    An Army of Angels - A Novel of Joan of Arc

    An Army of Angels - A Novel of Joan of Arc
    Pamela Marcantel This is a novel about the life of Joan of Arc and how she helped save France from the English. She believed that she could speak to God and instructed the French troops on how to defeat the English, which led to the coronation of Charles VII as King of France, the defeat of the English, and ultimately her death. She was captured and burned at the stake on the grounds of heresy and being a witch.
  • Spy

    12 Aug 1774
    Anna Myers Jonah Hawkins believes he must stay loyal to the king, but after meeting Nathan Hale, he's forced to choose where his loyalties lie.
  • Attack of the Turtle

    Attack of the Turtle
    Attack of the Turtle
    12 Aug 1776
    Drew Carlson Nathan Wade is a patriot, but when his cousin visits, he is forced to rethink his position. His cousin has designed the first submarine for naval warfare and Nathan agrees to help build it.
  • When Washington Crossed the Delaware

    When Washington Crossed the Delaware
    When Washington Crossed the Delaware
    25 Dec 1776
    Lynne Cheney After facing defeat and extreme weather conditions, Washington leads an attack on Christmas night. They are at a terrible disadvantage, but can they gain the upper hand with the element of surprise?
  • Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys

    Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys
    he setting of this story takes place in the post-Civil War South. Virgie simply wants to go to school along with her brothers and is determined to do so. Although she is little and a girl, which is pointed out from her brothers that discourage her, she is persistent. Virgie doesn't let those opinions stand in the way of her goal. This book brings to light race, class, and gender issues. Using the activity below, students can experiment and
  • Summer Freedom

    Summer Freedom
    This is a beautiful book about two best friends that are two different races and its set in Mississippi in 1964. John and Henry do everything together until they begin to notice places where both of them couldn’t be at the same time. The summer is hard for the boys, but they grow tighter and more bold after a frustrating thing happens with the town pool.
  • White Socks Only

    White Socks Only
    This text is a ficional story of the racial segreagation that begin with "separate but equal" facilities that was upheld by the U.S. Suproeme Court in 1896. This text is a dialogue between a grandma telling a story to her grand-daughter of a time where she stood up to the laws against segregated drinking fountains between black s and whites by taking off her shoes, so she’d have white socks since the sign said “whites only.” This act of innocence in a child empowered others to make a bold move.
  • The Song of Roland

    The Song of Roland
    Anonymous The Song of Roland tells about the King of France's nephew, Roland, and his chivalrous life as a knight until his death in a legendary battle. It describes the ideals of the knights under the reign of Charlemagne, the politics of the time, the struggle between Christianity and Islam, and medieval life in general.