Microscopio 1


  • First microscope

    First microscope
    If Zaccharias Janssen had not invented the microscope, we wouldn't have met the microscopic world
  • The cells

    The cells
    If there hadn't been the compound microscope, Robert Hooke wouldn have identified the cells
  • The erythrocytes

    The erythrocytes
    If Leeuwenhoek had not invented the simple microscope, we wouldn't have met the erythrocytes, sperm and protozoans
  • The bacillus

    The bacillus
    If Otto Muller hadn't had the microscope, the bacillus wouldn't have identified
  • The achromatic microscope

    The achromatic microscope
    If Jackson Lister had not made the achromatic microscope, it would not have created the optical microscope
  • The pasteurization

    If the optical microscope have not invented, Louis Pasteur wouldn't had invented the pasteurization
  • Immersion microscopy

    Immersion microscopy
    If Ernst Abe hadn't invented the immersion microscopy, we wouldn't have been magnified up to 1000x microorganisms
  • The virus

    The virus
    If Martinus Beijerinck hadn't had a optical microscope, we wouldn't have met the virus
  • The microphotographs

    The microphotographs
    If the electron microscope hadn't invented, we wouldn't have have the oportunity of met the 3d structure of the microorganisms
  • Infections

    if we have not have the microscope, we wouldn't have understood the infections