Michigan Adventure

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In History
  • 1997

    1997: Boogie Beach opens (August 8). Commotion Ocean opens (August 8). Jolly Roger Pirate Ship opens (August 8). Mine Shaft opens (August 8). Snake Pit opens (August 8). Tree House Harbor opens (August 8). Rocky Point Mini Golf opens. Construction on Shivering Timbers begins. Strong winds blow over Shivering Timbers lift hill
  • 2002

    2002: Michigan’s Adventure opens for its 36th season (May 23). RipCord opens. Peanuts characters introduced. Hydroblaster opens. Dodgems open. Timbertown Railway opens. Thunderbolt relocated to hole left by Chaos. Michigan’s Adventure Race Park introduced, including Go-Karts & Jr. Go-Karts. On-ride photos are introduced to Shivering Timbers. Snoopy Boutique opens. Beach Bites opens. Peppermint Patty's Candy Shop opens. Be-Bop Blvd opens. Slogan changed to "Fun Squared" Charicature
  • 1996

    1996: Chaos opens
  • 1990

    1990: WildWater Adventure opens including Cyclone Zone, Slidewinders, Surge Pool, Half Pint Paradise, Wild Slide and Ridge Rider (11 August). Boardwalk Arcade opens. Waterpark Store opens. Water Pizza Stand opens. Final season for Merry-Go-Round.
  • 1989

    1989: Falling Star opens. Giant Gondola Wheel opens. Trabant opens
  • 2005

    2005: Funnel of Fear (Proslide Tornado) is added in WildWater Adventure. Admission this year is $23.00. Parking is $7.00.
  • 1972

    1972: Tilt-a-Whirl opens. Merry-go-Round opens. Ferris Wheel opens
  • 2003

    2003: Michigan's Adventure opens for its 37th season (May 23). New parking booths appear. Tunnel installed on Timbertown Railway. Wildwater Outfitters opens. Sandbox area near Jolly Roger Pirate Ship opens. First annual Season Passholder Appreciation Day is held.
  • 1998

    1998: Shivering Timbers opens (May 23). Red Zone Game opens. Fast Ball Game opens. Final season for General Store. Wind storm destroys Mutley's Putt Putts. Michigan's Adventure announces a new entrance will open on former location of Mutley's Putt Putts1998
  • 1956

    Deer Park opens (founded by Roger Jourden). Animals at the park include llamas, deer, monkeys, chickens, ducks, and Storybook Lane.
  • 1988

    1988: Name changed to Michigan’s Adventure. New entrance opens on present day location of Mad Mouse. Wolverine Wildcat opens (May 18) Thunderbolt Opens. Final season for Ferris Wheel.
  • 1983

    1983: Logger’s Run opens. Airplanes open (August). Elephants open (August). Mini Enterprise opens.
  • 1979

    1979: Corkscrew opens
  • 1995

    1995: Adventure Falls opens. Drummer Boy opens. Winky the Whale opens. Final season for Tilt-A-Whirl.