Michelle Obama

  • Birthday

    Michelle is born in Chicago, Illinios
  • Elementary School

    She graduates from Bryn Mawr Elementary School
  • High School

    She graduates from Whitney Young High School
  • College

    Miichelle earns her degree in sociology from Princeton University
  • Law School

    She graduates from harvard law School. She joins the law firmof Sidley Austin.
  • Meet a Guy

    she meets Barack Obama
  • Working

    She waorks as deputy chier of staff with the city of Chicago.
  • Death

    Frasier Robinson III,, MIchille's Father, dies
  • Job

    She moves into an assistant commissioner job for Chicago's department of Planning and Development
  • Wedding

    She marries Barack Obama
  • Associate dean

    Michelle joins the University of Chicago Community Servic e Center
  • State Senator

    Barack wins election as Illinois state senator
  • Launches

    Michelle lauches the University of Chicage Community Service Center
  • first child

    Malia is born
  • second child

    Natasha Known as Sasha is born
  • Vice President

    Michelle becomes the vice president of community and external affairs at the Univetsity of Chicago Medical Center
  • U.S Senator

    Barak is elected U.S. sentor from Illinois
  • Campaigns

    Michelle campaigns for her Husband's run for U.S. President
  • Runnig For President

    baarack announces he is run for president
  • Campaign

    Michelle campaigns for her Husband's run for U.S. President
  • Elected

    Baracj is elected the 44 president of the U.S.A. and the first Afican American to hold the office
  • First Lady

    Michelle becomes the Nation'sa first African American First Lady
  • Director

    She becomes founder and executive director of the Chicago Public Allies