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Michelle Kwan's Life

  • Michelle Kwan was born

    Michelle Kwan was born
    Michelle was born in Los Angeles California where her parents moved from China. She was unplanned,her parents born to poor families thought two children were enough to take care of.
  • Taking Intrest

    Taking Intrest
    Both Kwan sisters took intrest in skating when their older brother Ron took up ice hockey. Michelle started practicing at the age of six and her sister eight.
  • Moving to Ice Castle

    Moving to Ice Castle
    Michelle and her sister move to Ice Castle, a private rink and meat with trainer Frank Carrol. Now all they have time for is practice, practice, practice.
  • Not Ready

    Not Ready
    Three weeks after joining new Coach Carrol she went to Nationals. Arriving with unpolished boots coach hurried to scrub them off.She didn't come prepared
  • Making the team

    Making the team
    wikipediaRight before Nationals Nancey Kerrigan was attacked and withdrew. Michelle then got second making the Olympic team.
  • Jumping Bean

    Jumping Bean
    As senior skater for the first year she enters the 1995 Campionships. Landing every jump perfectly and better than any other they quote her a "jumping bean".
  • ISU World Championships

    ISU World Championships
    Completeing both programs with perfection she still places fourth, but is so overwelmed she cries with plessure.
  • Obtaining the role of Salome

    Obtaining the role of Salome
    Kwan and her trainers decide to take a more grownup look.
  • Harris Died

    One of Michele's best friends passed away with a heartattack.
  • U.S. Figure Skating Championships

    U.S. Figure Skating Championships
    yahoo In Nashville, Tennessee Michelle was going to her fifth annual championship as defending world champion. Her program was going fine intil she started misssing a lot of her jumps losing the compition.