• Born on...

    Born on...
    American singer, songwriter and, dancer Micheal Jackson was born on Agust 29,1958.in Gary Indiana.
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  • jackson 5

    jackson 5
    Micheal Jackson, youngest and most talented of five brohers who father Joseph, shaped into a dazzling group of child stars known as Jackson 5. The members of the group were Jakie Jackson, byname of sigmund Jackson, Tito Jackson, byname Toriano Jackson, Jermaine Jackson,and last but not least Marlin Jackson. Motown Records president Berry Gordy Jr. was impressed and signed them in 1969. Sadly they only lasted through 1975.
  • Scored

    Jckson 5 scored four constructive number 1 pop hits with "I want you ", "ABC", " the love you save",and "I'll be there" in 1970
  • First solo

    First solo
    Jackson's first solo effort for Epic, "Off the wall". was the best-selling album of the year it sold more than 20 million copies.
  • popular

    He became the most popular entertainer in the world in early and mid-1980's. Raised in Gary Indiana in one of the most acclaimed musical families of the rock era.
  • Single album

    Single album
    First single album "Billie jean". an electrifying dance track and vehical for Jacksom's trade mark "Moon walk" dance toped charts, as did "Beat it"which featured Edie Van Halen. "Beat it" helped break down barriers between black and wight artist on the radio and emerging format of musick videos on televison.
  • reknown

    In 1984 Jakson was reknown as the king of pop.
  • Micheal and Janet

    Micheal and Janet
    As a recording arstist Jckson enjoyed sucsess through 1984 and sister Janet Jackson embarked on her own singing career in the early 1980's.
  • Africa

    In 1985 Jackson was reknown Lionel Richie cowrote " We are the world" for usa for Africa.
  • Further solo

    Further solo
    Some further solo albums- "Bad" 1987 which produced 5 chart _ topping hits, "dangerous"
  • Grew

    Jacksons lifestyle grew increaingly in the early1990s.
  • dameage

    Micheal's reputation was damage in 1993 when he was acused of child molestation, by 13 yr old boy he had befriended.
  • Secret

    In 1994 Jackson secretly married Lisa Marie Presly marrage lasted less than two years.
  • Inducted to

    Inducted to
    2001 Micheal was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame the Jaclson 5 were inducted in 1997.
  • Suffered

    Micheal suffered even more in November 2003 when he was aresteed and charged with child molestion, after a 14-week trial Jackso was acquitted in 2003. He also sufferd a finacial collapse that resilted in the sale of many things including his never land ranch.
  • Death

    He was preparing for a high profile concerts he hoped would spark a comeback when he suddenly died of a cardiac arrest on June 29 2009. Agust 2009 the corner riled Jackson's death as a homicide caused by a lethal combination of sedatives and propful anesthetics. November Jackson's personal physician was found gulty of involintary manslaughter.