Micheal Jackson

By Deima
  • 1979 BCE

    Off wale

    Jackson’s solo album catapulted him to super stars 1979
  • Birthday

    He was born 1958
  • Album

    He wrote his first solo album 1972
  • soul train

    Introduces a dance step called the robot on “Soul Train.” The step sweeps the country 1974
  • “The Scarecrow”

    He played “The Scarecrow” in movie musical “The wizz” 1979
  • Thriller

    “Thriller” is released, eventually selling more than 100 million copies 1982
  • On fire

    Jackson’s hair catches on fire during filming of a Pepsi commercial. 1984
  • Bad

    The album “Bad” is released and sells more than 8 million copies.1987
  • Donate

    Michael Jackson donates $125,000 from a concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills. 1988
  • Dangerous

    Releases “Dangerous” album, certified for 7 million in sales.
  • First interview in 14 years.

    In his first TV interview in 14 years, Jackson tells Oprah Winfrey that the change in his skin complexion is from a disorder called vitiligo.
  • first son

    Rowe gives birth to son Prince Michael.
  • 2nd kid

    Rowe gives birth to daughter Paris Michael Katherine.
  • New album

    The “Invincible” album is released with a respectable 2.1 million copies sold, but only two minor hits.
  • Third child

    Third child, Prince Michael II is born.
  • Faces charges

    Faces charges of child molestation. Posts $3 million in bail and throws up the “V” sign, while standing on a black Suburban, before leaving the courthouse in Santa Maria, Calif.
  • Not guilty

    Jackson pleads not guilty to child molestation charges in January.
  • Child molestation charges

    In June, Jackson was acquitted of child molestation charges.