Micheal Hobert's timeline

  • Lewis & Clark Expedition begins

    Lewis & Clark Expedition begins
    Lewis and Clark begin to explore the lousiana purchase
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    Bloodiest war ever fought by america
  • Lincoln Assasination

    Lincoln Assasination
    Abraham Lincoln is shot in the back of the head. right after civil war is over
  • First silent film

    First silent film
    The Great Train Robbery is shown to the public as the first silent film in america
  • End of prohibition in the US

    End of prohibition in the US
    Prohibition is now over, but there are still strict laws in place for distilled spirits
  • John Dillinger Dies

    John Dillinger Dies
    John Dillinger, notorious bank robber, is shot after attending a public movie theater
  • Attack on pearl harbor

    Attack on pearl harbor
    Japan bombs pearl harbor, launching the U.S. in WW2
  • WW2 ends

    WW2 ends
    After only 4 years involved in the war, its finally over.
  • JFK assasination

    JFK assasination
    President John Kennedy is shot in dallas during a parade. killing possibly the best president ever.
  • Bobby Kennedy is assasinatated

    Bobby Kennedy is assasinatated
    assaian Sirhan Sirhan is sentenced to life for killing a prominent political figure
  • Slipknot Debut

    Slipknot Debut
    Slipknot releases Debut album. launching career of the greatest band ever
  • Iowa Released

    Iowa Released
    Slipknot 2nd, as heaviest album is released to the public. soon becomes certified as gold
  • Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) is released

    Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) is released
    Slipknot releases its third albulm which racks up six singles and is also certified gold. the singles off this album rock the metal community
  • All Hope Is Gone

    All Hope Is Gone
    Slipknots most current album comes out at number 1 on the billboard charts. its the last album bassist Paul Gray is able to work on before his death.