Michael Oher

  • Birthday

    USA TodayBiography.comMichael Oher was born on May 28th 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Period: to

    Michael Oher

  • Leigh-Ann and Sean Tuohy take in Michael

    biography.comLeigh-Ann and Sean Tuohy become legal guardians of Michael
  • Death of Michael Oher's dad

    Biography.comMichael Oher's dad died
  • All American Football player

    Michael Oher became US Army All American first team honors of USA Today
  • Michael Oher graduate high school

    Biography.comMichael Oher graduate high school.
  • First team ALL-SEC

    Michael became first string ALL-SEC
  • Enters NFL Draft then leaves

    Biography.comEnters NFL draft and then leaves to finish college
  • Enters draft

    biography.comMichael Oher was drafted in the NFL draft by the Baltimore Ravens
  • Graduate Mississippi University

    Graduated Mississippi University in his Senior year
  • Michael became ALL-SEC player

    Became ALL-SEC second string player. The SEC is an elite competive divison for college football.