michael jackson

  • Birth

    August 29, 1958, Michael Joseph Jackson was born. He was here born in Gary, Indiana.
  • Period: to

    The Life of Michael Jackson

  • Early performing life

    Early performing life
    In the early 1960's, Michael's older brothers, Tito, Jermaine, and Jackie were in a singing group. When he was five he joined them becoming the lead singer. Later, Marlon joined the group making them Jackson Five.
  • Beginning his solo career

    Beginning his solo career
    At the age of 13, Michael began his solo career, but he was also still in Jacson 5 on the side. His first album was " Ben" , which was about a rat.
  • First Grammy Award

    First Grammy Award
    Michael jackson's award winning album "Off the Wall" was a mixture of funk and pop. His best songs on the album were "Dont Stop til' You Get Enough", "Roc With You", and "Off the Wall".
  • The "Moonwalk"

    The "Moonwalk"
    Michael's no.1 hit, "Billie Jean" introduced his famous dance the "Moonwalk". He choregraphed his moves in "Beat It".
  • "Thriller"

    When the 'Thriller" video came out it instantl became popular. The video got 12 Grammy nominations and recieved 8 awards.
  • Plastic surgery Began

    Plastic surgery Began
    After signing a 5 million dollar endorcement with Pepsi-Cola , he was making a commercial when suddenly his hair caught on fire. The fire burned his scalp and face. Because of this mis-hap, he had to get surgery and began getting plastic surgery done on his face.
  • Skin DIsease

    Skin DIsease
    In 1993, Michael Jackson did many events. One of the events was on Operah. When he was on Operah he was taking about his skin color change was a sign of a disease.
  • Child Molestion

    Child Molestion
    In 1993, Michael was accused of being fondled by a 13-year ol boy. The World viewed him different because of this.
  • Married

    Michael married Lisa Marie Presley. She was Elvis Presley's daughter.