Mexican Revolution

By 1030314
  • Profirio Diaz's Rule

    Profirio Diaz's Rule
    After Benito Juárez's death in 1872, Porfirio Díaz wanted to take over as Mexico's leader. Díaz began his reign as president in 1876, and ruled until May 1911 when Francisco I. Madero succeeded him, taking office in November 1911.
    this is important becasue he worked to reduce the power of the Roman Catholic Church and expropriated some of their large property holdings.
  • 1910 presidential election

    1910 presidential election
    During the election of 1910, the dictator of Mexico, Porfirio Diaz, imprisoned his presidential opponent Madero. Madero soon fled to San Antonio where he gave the Plan of San Luis in safety. The plan called for the Mexican people to rise up against their oppressive government, this event marked the beginning of the Mexican Revolution.
    This is important because Madeo was supposed to run for president and he didn't get to run because Diaz put him in jail.
  • Zapata's Plan de Ayala

    Zapata's Plan de Ayala
    Zapata believed that Madero betrayed the Mexican Revolution by not enacting land reforms, he demanded that armed forces should be led against the Mexican government. The plan is a denunciation of Madero as well as a manifesto of Zapatismo and what it stood for. It calls for land reform and freedom, and would become very important to Zapata's movement.
    This is an important event because Zapata was enraged by Madero's betrayal and fought against him.
  • Villa flees

    Villa flees
    Villa gets the death sentence for disoceying orders in 1912, but the sentence is reduced to two years of prision, later on, he flees toEl Paso.
    This is an important event becasue Villa was trying to become president at the time he was found guilty.