By mahmoob
  • Metallica and Group Started

    Metallica and Group Started
    The Band Metallica started in 1981 with different people joining together
  • Period: to

    Metallica Through The Years

    Metallica growing through the years with their music from when they 1st started
  • Metallica Starts to come together

    Drummer Lars Ulrich places an AD in the LA paper saying he was looking for other metal musicians
  • Metallica Began Singing Their 1st song

    They sang their 1st song live in La due to a misunderstanding that came in the newspaper
  • 1st Hit Song released- Hit the Lights

    Their 1st hit song was released 1 year after the band formed. It was from kill em all
  • 1st Hit Album Released- Kill em All

    Metallica released their 1st hit album and the songs became popular.
  • Released 2nd Album- Ride Lightning

    Metallica released thier 2nd album in the summer of 1984
  • 3rd album released- Master of Puppets

    Master of Puppets released in Spring 1986
  • Metallica's 4th Album-...And Justice For All

    ...And Justice For All in Fall 1988
  • Releases 5th album- Metallica

  • Album Released- Load

  • Album released-ReLoad

  • Album released- St. Anger

    St. Anger come out in summer 03
  • Album Released- Death Magnetic

    Death Magnetic in Fall 08
  • Metallica Gets Better

    Metallica-the album becomes the best selling album of the SoundScan era