From men's rights movements to meninism

  • Brother: A Male Liberation Newspaper first published

    A radical men's publication.
  • The Liberated Man

    The Liberated Man
    A publication by Warren Farrell.
  • Men and Masculinity

    Men and Masculinity
    A publication edited by Joseph H. Pleck and Jack Sawyer.
  • The Male Machine

    The Male Machine
  • Men's Liberation: A New Definition of Masculinity

    Men's Liberation: A New Definition of Masculinity
    A publication by Jack Nichols.
  • National Coalition for Men

    The National Coalition for Men "since 1977 has been dedicated to the removal of harmful gender based stereotypes especially as they impact boys, men, their families and the women who love them."
  • National Congress for Men formed

    "Men's rights discourse tended to rely on anecdotal stories, combined with a few highly questionable studies, that provided an emotionally charged basis for the development of an ideology of male victimization. This practice continues throughout the 1990s."
  • A Choice of Heroes

    A Choice of Heroes
    Marc Gerzon's "A Choice of Heroes" was published, focusing exclusively on white middle-class men.
  • The Limits of "The Male Sex Role": An Analysis of the Men's Liberation and Men's Rights Movements' Discourse

    I used this article written by Michael A. Messner to get information on men's right movement and publications. The Limits of "The Male Sex Role": An Analysis of the Men's Liberation and Men's Rights
    Movements' Discourse
    Author(s): Michael A. Messner
    Source: Gender and Society, Vol. 12, No. 3 (Jun., 1998), pp. 255-276
    Published by: Sage Publications, Inc.
    Stable URL:
    Accessed: 12-09-2015 19:54 UTC
  • Feminism for men?

    “Meninism” supposedly started out as a genuine group of men who identified as feminism but wanted another title; one that addressed their manhood. It is unclear if this webpage was started by women or by men, but there are several “testimonials” on this page of men who openly agree with feminist ideals and want equality for both men and women. Their concern seems genuine.
  • ""

    One anonymous blogger's idea of meninism, incorrectly spelled. The general idea is that feminism has ruined society by weakening men and allowing men to become soft.
  • "It's time to liberate men"

    This article by Nicole Rodgers states that gender roles can be harmful for both men and women. "The truth is, no man or woman is totally immune to the tumult created by this cultural shift in gender relations, and to suggest one is at fault for the other’s current lot is willfully blind."
  • Matt Taylor interview

    Matt Taylor interview
    After the European Space Agency landed a spacecraft on a comet, one scientist, Matt Taylor, was interviewed. Surprisingly enough, the controversy surrounding this interview was not because of anything he said. It was because of the shirt he chose to wear. This is a recent example of how feminists and non-feminists are still bitterly and violently arguing. Here is a video of the interview and the shirt in question:
  • Matt Taylor interview backlash: feminist viewpoints

    This article by Chris Plante and Arielle Duhaime-Ross favors the feminist side of the argument. They argue that wearing this shirt to an event celebrating such an incredible and historical event was in poor taste, and shows evidence of a society that still accepts objectification of women by men.
  • Matt Taylor shirt: not a big deal!

    There are countless articles, blog posts, tweets, tumblr posts, etc. defending Taylor's shirt. The general consensus for them is that this shirt is nothing but a shirt, and there is nothing wrong with it. Feminists are just TOO SENSITIVE. There are bigger issues to worry about than an article of clothing.
  • MENinism vs. FEMinism youtube video

    MENinism vs. FEMinism youtube video
    As shown in this video, the origins of meninism are unclear. A lot of people assume that this is a recent phenomena, whereas I have found blog posts and websites as early as 2001 posting about meninism. They state that it has turned into a joke, mocking or turning feminism on its head.
  • "Why we need meninism" video

    "Why we need meninism" video
    One man's reasons why we need meninism today, which end up actually being 0!
  • Are feminists too "sensitive"?

    The topic of feminism is incredibly complex, with so many intricacies. My goal in posting these events was to show that in fact, men's liberation groups from the 70s to today actually hold beliefs that align with many modern feminist beliefs. However, there is still a war waging between men and women. Between feminists and non-feminists, between women who identify as feminists and women who do not, between "meninists" and feminists.. etc.
  • Meninist tweets

    Meninist tweets
    There are several meninist twitter accounts that regularly post not only sexist tweets, but homophobic and transphobic content. However, since the official account has over 1M followers, they have started fundraising money, proving that they are trying to do some good.