Men's Suit Trend Over 50 Years

  • 1940's Men's Suits

    1940's Men's Suits
    During this time, suits were typically boxy in style and oversized. Both the jackets and pants are this way, and most of the colors are neutral. Hats were also typically added to the assemble.
  • 1970s Men's Suit Trend

    1970s Men's Suit Trend
    Jackets are seen more open or single buttoned in the middle with a higher neck shirt under. Jackets are more tailored, as well as the pants. Colors and patterns are also more present, stepping away from the neutrals.
  • 80s/90's Men's Suit Trend

    80s/90's Men's Suit Trend
    Suits went back to a baggier style and more dark, neutral colors. Colored shirts underneath the jackets are more common. Lapels are bigger and instead of buttoning in the middle, it crosses over to a side to button with one, two or four.
  • 2000's Men's Suit Trend

    2000's Men's Suit Trend
    Suits are tailored once again, typically fit to the specific male. Ties or bow ties are seen more so with the attire. Blacks, grays and a few other neutral colors were common at this time/
  • 2020's Men's Suit Trend

    2020's Men's Suit Trend
    Suits stay tailored, but more fashion/fun is incorporated into the look. Some trends become a more casual style, while others are high fashion with metallics and designs. This is more so seen on the red carpet or runway, but even your everyday suit has more color variety accepted and with slight patterns.