Men's Apparel 1950-2000

  • Look 1- 1950

    Look 1- 1950
    In the 1950s sport coats, skinny ties, letterman jackets, bowling shirts, saddle shoes, and chunky glasses were the ideal everyday outfit.
  • Look 2- 1960

    Look 2- 1960
    In the 1960s everyday looks consisted of slim-fit trousers, a button-down shirt or polo shirt, and a patterned sports coat.
  • Look 3- 1970

    Look 3- 1970
    In the 1970s men wanted to appear has having a tall and slim figure. They wore turtlenecks, slim-fitting shirts, and tight-fitting flared pants.
  • Look 4- 1980

    Look 4- 1980
    In the 1980s the most popular clothing items for men included gents don dad jeans, matching denim jackets, t-shirts and loose shirts, bomber jackets, leather jackets, windbreakers, and sweaters.
  • Look 5- 1990

    Look 5- 1990
    In the 1990s the most popular clothing items for men were snapbacks, overalls, biker jackets, turtlenecks, bandanas, cargo pants, baggy jeans, and windbreakers.