Men's Apparel 1910-1960 (Pants)

By ohuett
  • 1910s look one

    1910s look one
    Pants were high waisted and tapered at the ankle. Suit pants would be stripped grey and black.
  • 1920s look two

    1920s look two
    Pants changed from skinny to more over sized and were high waisted and held up by suspenders.
  • 1930s look three

    1930s look three
    Styles like high waist and wide leg generally stayed the same and patterns like plaid, tweed, and check were in style.
  • 1940s look four

    1940s look four
    In the 40s, pants were very high waisted, some going up to the rib. They had medium to wide leg with cuffed ends. Denim jeans were also coming into fashion as not just work attire.
  • 1950s look five

    1950s look five
    Pants were pleated with a center crease and remained high waisted. Fabrics and corduroy were popular. Jeans were wide legged and cuffed.