Melbourne History

  • First Inhabitants of Port Phillip

    First Inhabitants of Port Phillip
    The earliest inhabitants of the area now covered by the City of Port Phillip were the Yalukit-willam, one of the five clans of the Bunurong, known as the coastal tribe, and who were members of the Kulin nation. They inhabited the swampy areas below South Melbourne and the sandy-ridged ti-tree covered coastline, which extended from St Kilda to port melbourne
    they used the yarra river for food and water sources.
  • Arrival of John Batman

    Arrival of John Batman
    John Batman came to the yarra to find somewhere to start his settlement, along with him he brang a clan of differernt language speaking aborigonals, john batman claims that he and the other aborigonals signed a treaty giving john batman the ownership of more then 250,000 hectares of land.
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    The gold rush affected melbourne a lot, it brought people from all over the world to melbourne, giving melbourne and australia a bigger population, and because of the growth of the population economy rose, this was because people started to buy things from nearby places and people would need jobs, this made melboure become a wealthier place
  • The Treaty

    batmans treaty is a document which was singed on the 6th of june 1883 The document came to be known as Batman's Treaty and is also considered significant as it was the first and only documented time when Europeans negotiated their presence and occupation of Aboriginal lands directly with the traditional owners
  • Land Boom

    Land Boom
    From 1883 till 1889 melbourne witnessed an extordinary boom in real estate prices and land speculation
    1889, the value of land in parts of central Melbourne was as high as that in London. In central Melbourne, Money was poured into building society, land banks, and mortgage companies that where driving the boom.
  • Introduction to electricity

    Melbourne had become an electricity filled city by 1910. Networks of pipes and cables coursed underground, drooped across streets and snaked up buildings. electricty changed the way melbourne worked Stockbrokers and lawyers could call their clients, Clerks were elevated to their offices in lifts, and you could walk the streets at night saftly with the streets lit up with lights.
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    The great depression effected the way the country worked, including melbourne, there was not enough money circulating causing people to have no money which meant that people couldn't buy things and that people lost there jobs.Australia was thought to be the hardest country hit in the western world because of its extreme dependence on export espically wool and wheat
  • Olympic Games

    Olympic Games
    The olympic games brought countrys from around the world to melbourne, this meant that hotels, cafes, restraunts, and shop keepers where making money, which made the economy rise.
  • intended use of the yarra river

    intended use of the yarra river
    the intended use of the yarra river for the aborigonals was to get there food and water source, shortly after the arrival of european settlers they started clearing the remaining land fourcing the remainding wurundjeri to neighbouring territories and away from the yarra river
  • dockalands

    the development of dockalnds has changed from a swampy land into a unique water front Docklands is being developed in stages, based on market demand, over the next 15 years. For the people of Victoria, it will be their new playground, residence, workplace and waterfront.