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Melanie Martinez

  • Birth

    Born in Baldwin, NY.
  • PBS Goodnight Show

    PBS Goodnight Show
    She got fired from being the host of the PBS Kids’ Good Night Show.
  • Genre of Music

    Genre of Music
    (exact date is unknown) Melanie started on the voice as a Alternative rock, indie pop and folk singer.
  • The Voice

    The Voice
    Season 3 She made it to week five before being voted off by the audience.
  • US Songs Top Entries

    US Songs Top Entries
    Melanie was at the No. 12 spot with her Voice Performance of Seven Nation Army
  • Top Entries US Itunes

    Top Entries US Itunes
    Melanie went to the NO. 6 spot with her Voice performance of Too Close
  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    She started off singing toxic as a joke her friends said she should learn a Britney Spears song because she’s so different from that.
  • Bittersweet Tragedy

    Bittersweet Tragedy
    Exact date is unsure.
  • Record Signing

    Record Signing
    Melanie annnouced that she had been signed to Altantic records and would be going on tour.
  • Dollhouse

    She released her single "Dollhouse" after the premire of the music video.
  • Carousel (remix)

    Carousel (remix)
    Released by the label Atlantic, Warner/Chappel, formats sold were CD, and extended play
  • Childhood

    Bad childhood.
  • American Horror Story: Freak Show

    American Horror Story: Freak Show
    Her song carousel made it on to American Horror Story: Freak Show.
  • What She Is Doing Now

    What She Is Doing Now
    She is using stories of other people with their permission to write songs and put a kiddy twist on it.
  • Debut EP

    Debut EP
    Melanie released "Dollhouse".