Edgar profile 01

Melancholy Killer

  • Edgar Lee Dwyer Born

  • Edgar Lee Dwyer's Parents Death

    Edgar was 12 years old - killed in automobile accident.
  • Edgar Worked in Fish Cannery In Canada

    in Prince Rupert, British Columbia
  • Tre Yazzie Mother Died

    In British Columbia
  • Dwyer Left Canada and Moved To Los Angeles

    In late 1992
  • Period: to

    Spent 6 month In Fish Cannery in Canada

  • Period: to

    Worked As Dishwasher In Los Angeles

  • Diner Waitress Murdered

    Was a co-worker of Edgar Lee Dwyer
  • Ferguson Mother (Waitress) Killed

    Long Beach, California
  • Dwyer Moved From Los Angeles to Washington

  • Dwyer Began Dating Sheila Phillips

    Sheila Phillips was the daughter of furniture store owner, Julian Phillips
  • Dwyer and Sheila Break Up

  • Terry-Ann Flanagan Murdered - Waitress

    In Seattle Washington in a Seattle park
  • Mutilated Body Of Bartender Found

    In Bakersfield
  • Edgar Lee Dwyer Working At Fruit Stand

    Bakersfield, California
  • Melancholy Killer Murdered Third Victim

    In Odessa, Texas
  • FBI Publicly Confirm Looking For Serial Killer

  • Edgar Lee Dwyer Arrested

    On a highway outside of Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Edgar Lee Dwyer Convicted Of Murder

    Convicted of murdering Susan Rawlins of Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Alex Hill Ferguson Convicted Of Murder

    Convicted of murdering four rival gang members
  • Edgar Lee Dwyer Caught Stealing File

    File was in office of Dr. James Worthington
  • Alex Hill Ferguson Stabbed Kevin Winston

    Stabbed him 46 times
  • Edgar Lee Dwyer Instigated Fight

    Was accused by Polk of instigating a fight between Terrance Last and Phil Polk
  • Edgar Lee Dwyer Escaped LFoA Cumberland

    Edgar escaped prison in a laundry cart
  • Dwyer Captured

    Returned to LFoA Cumberland
  • Tre Yazzie Choked Inmate Theodore Tasker