Megan Burton History Timeline

By megbur
  • Period: to

    Peace treaty between Paris and Italy/Minor Axis powers

  • Yalta Conference

    Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill participated in the Yalta Conference
  • Roosevelt is replaced by Harry Truman after his death

  • Soviet troops gain control over Berlin

  • Hitler commits suicide

  • Germany surrenders

  • First atomic bomb testing in the US

  • Postdam conference

    Churchill, Stalin and Truman meet
  • Attlee replaces Churchill as Prime Minister

  • Hiroshima's atomic bombing by the US

  • Nagasaki's atomic bombing by the US

  • WWII Ends

  • Discovery of a Soviet espionage network in Canada and the US

  • Japan surrenders

  • United Nations Comission

    US, Britain and Canada imposed rules for controlling the atomic bombs.
  • Conference of Foreign Ministers in Moscow

    Soviets agreed to establish the United Nations Atomic Energy Comission
  • Japan introduces US policy

    Japan's government and economy were transformed into a liberal capitalist democracy
  • Period: to

    Conference of Foreign Ministers

  • Cold War declaration

    Churchill Iron Curtain
  • London Conference of Foreign Ministers

  • Creation of Bizonia

  • Formation of Soviet Bloc's ending

    Eastern Europe is under USSR control. To avoid war with the USSR the US and Britain intervened directly with Eastern Eu. affairs to prevent the advance of communism
  • Conference of Foreign Ministers in Moscow

    Bizonia was strenghtened due to Soviet's effort to destroy it
  • Truman Doctrine

    Economic support from the US to countries resisting communism
  • Marshall's Offer

    Economic aid to Europe
  • Cominform established by USSR

    Communist Information Bureau
  • Yugoslavia splits from the Soviet bloc

  • US approvement of programme for Marshall's plan

    5 billion as a first installment
  • Brussels Pact

    Belgium, Britain, France, Luxemburg and the Netherlands were to defend the other pact members
  • Period: to

    Berlin Blockade

    West Berlin's supplies were cut down by the USSR
  • Period: to

    Berlin Airlift

    Western allies supplied West Berlin by aircrafts
  • COMECON foundation

    USSR, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Hungary
  • NATO Organization

    Canada, US, Brussels, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Italy and Portugal
  • Federal Republic of Germany established

  • Chinese Revolution

    China became a communist state
  • German democratic republic established

  • Cominform and Peace movement

  • Korean War

  • Sino-Soviet Pact

  • Pleven Plan

  • Japan's Peace treaty

  • Stalin's death

  • Korean Armistice

    Division between North and South Korea