Medieval Era

  • Jan 20, 1300

    The Bloody Flux

    It is an infection caused by bacteria's that are spread by contamination of food and the water sources that have been fected by fecal matter.
  • Jan 20, 1347

    The Black Plague

    The Black Plague is a peumonic type infection that is highly contagious. It is transmitted via inhalation, indegestion, and abrasion to the skin. The disease was transmitted primarily by fleas and rats. The Black Death was to kill 1.5 million people out of an estimated total of 4 million people between 1348 and 1350, and recieved it's name because people turned Black before they died.
  • Jan 20, 1500


    Gonarrhea is a STD that sailors transmitted but during the Columbian tome period 1500, sailors started an out break that came from the Americans, back to Europe of venereal syphilis.
  • Jan 10, 1564


    Gabriele Falloppio invented the condom to help protect the user from sexually tranmsitted diseases.
  • Jan 20, 1564


    (Not a specific date)
    Influenza was an epidemic in the winter months and early spring. It is a contagious viral infection of the upper respiratory, spread by inhalation.