media technology

  • Jan 14, 1439

    invention of the printng press

    invention of the printng press
    the pringing press allowed for the mass production of documents allowing ideas to be shared, in this time the majority of people could not read. only rich figures and priests were able to read in the 15th centuary.
  • publication of first journal

    the first journal's were published by scientists and engineers to help people learn new things such as engineering and science. however alot of people still could not read, but pictured instructions were useful to them.
  • first magazine published

    first magazine published
    the first magazine that was published allowed monthly printing, also the general interest of these magazines meant that more people were now learning to read.
  • First newspaper in the UK

    First newspaper in the UK
    The invention of the first newspaper allowed aily printing, it could give people the information about what happened yesterday and then could react today. This speeded up events and also created supporters.
  • the first telephone

    the first telephone
    the first telephone allowed long and short distance instant talking, people were able to communicate without having to do any travelling.
  • invention of the home telephone

    invention of the home telephone
    the invention of the first home telephone allowed people to interact with people within thier own home, they did not have to use the pay phone on the streets.
  • BBC radio

    BBC radio
    the first radio was own by the government to broadcast into peoples homes, millions of people across the world had a radio, this meant it was easy to use propaganda on the public.
  • Television

    the television was a very powerful piece of technology for propaganda yet it was also great for educational, entertainment and world news reasons.
  • Internet

    the US military invented the internet so that people could learn, communicate and be entertained.
  • Cable TV

    Cable TV
    cable tv allowed for hundreds of other channels to be able to be broadcasted, these channels gave a very wide variety such as entertainment, education and information.
  • mobile phone

    mobile phone
    the mobile phone allowed people to talk to other people whilst out pof the house, you could call someone withing seconds. these probably would have cost around £2000 in todays money.
  • Sky TV

    Sky TV
    sky tv allowed even more channels, but it also allowed live coverage of events such as riots, wars and terrorist attacks. there are currently 10 million suscribers.
  • The first Text message

    The first Text message
    this allowed people to send text through mobile phones to other people. on average there are over 1 billion text messages sent weekly across the world.
  • world wide web

    the wolrd wide web was created to search for information and buy items that businesses and other people were selling.
  • 3G mobile

    3g allowed mobile phones to have much quicker and more efficient internet service. it also allowed recordings, films and images onto mobile phones.
  • web 2.0

    by this time the internet is being used more for social networking such as myspace and bebo.
  • 4G

    4G allows for a much quicker internet access and better services which you wouldnt normally get service.
  • Period: to

    media technology

  • web 3.0

    web 3.0
    the internte is also being used as a tool that is able to find and arrange things for you by itself such as "clouds".