Mcr Timeline

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  • The birth of gerard way, the leader

    The main singer of this beloved band was born
  • Ray toro's birthday

    One of the two guitarists were born at this time
  • Mikey way

    The initial creator of My Chem was born
  • Frank iero

    The favored guitarist of My chem was born
  • Start of Mcr

    The band that started from a garage
  • I brought you my bullets

    This was the first-ever album of My Chemical Romance
  • Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

    This was their second album, one of their less famous however
  • Black Parade

    This is their 3rd, and one of their most famous albums. the most famous song referred to as g-note
  • Danger Days

    This album, the 4th one is most commonly known as the 'killjoys'
  • Conventional Weapons

    This album is less commonly known by Mcr fans
  • Mcr's 'Death'

    Mcr broke up at this time, saddening many fans
  • May Death Never Stop You

    This was their last album for 6 whole years
  • First concert

    Their first reunion for 6 years
  • The future to come

    They are getting together to perform in the near future
  • Period: to

    Mcr's 'death span'

    This is the time Mcr died and got back together