McDaniel- 2 Tomas O.

By tfo4175
  • Declaration of Inpedndence

    The declaration of independence was a very important event in American history. The founding fathers and other important figures signed it declaring independence from Britain.
  • The Invention of The Steam Engine

    The steam engine was a very important to the US for traveling goods and people. It was also a starter for the Sear's company.
  • The Oregon Territoy Purchase

    The Oregon purchase was not a major purchase but did contribute to westward expantion. It was home to many people who used the Pcific Ocean as a natural resourse.
  • Period: to

    The Cold War

    It was the world powers who turned against each other. It mainly involved threats of nuclear bonbs
  • The Invention of the Cell Phone

    The cell phone was one of the most important comunication devices that was invented. It was invented by Martin Cooper.
  • The Oklahoma City Bombing

    This was a terrible bombing that took out an entire city block with an 18 wheeler filled with explosives. The murderer was Timithy McCvay an angry x - military personal who suffered the Capatol penalty.
  • Tomas Olivas's

    Tomas Olivas was born at Baylor Medical Center at 8 pm. He was a 3rd child of 4 and is very athletic.