Mayan Astronomy

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    Mayan buildings

    The mayan's were a very smart and curiuos people they bulit towers and prymids all over mesoamerica with out tools such as the wheel and steel
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    Dresden Codex

    This is a book that dates to pre-columbian era, it states how they lived it an ectence and how most of the rituals were constucted. This 39 pages is one of the few ways we could find out about the mayan's
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    The Orion Nebula

    the mayans found that orians belt was to bright to be a normal star they bult towers to see why it was bright and though it was only recored once in one city it is believe that mayan's found orion's belt to be a nebula.
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    Venus First seen by the Mayan's

    The mayan's belived that Venus was more important than the sun due to the fact that it wasnt seen as much there were known cycles that you may only see venus for 8 days then it would disapper
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    The mayans used everything around them to make roads and even rubber they found by using tree sap they could heat it up and make rubber.
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    The mayan Way

    The mayan's didnt have but two leaders one was a pirst who was known for talking to the gods and leading scrafice the other was the sort of king who passes laws so that things in the reggion were fair.
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    The Mayan Solstice

    The Mayan Solstice
    the mayan's built temples and strutures that could show the sun's rays during the summer solstice.
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    Mayan towers

    Mayan's aren't known for the bigget buildings, but that have the most signifigence in the world the mayan's found ways to watch the stars sun and other earth cycles through the buildings the built and how they were built.
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    The invention of zero and infinity

    The invention of zero and infinity
    The mayan's were some of the most knowlegeable people in the history of the world they figured out that things can be nothing so they made the first known smybol of zero. Alos they found out that numbers go on for ever and made infinity.
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    zenial Passage

    The zenial passage is the time mayan's saw the sun pass over their latitudes in which the sun was always over head they could determain what day it was due to how overhead the sun was.
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    The ecliptic

    The mayan's loved the ecliptic because it is what they saw as the main god they used many ways to see the ecliptic one way was they had a surpent head, one of there gods that started the earth at the bottom of a stairwell and when the sun was in the correct place it shadows would make the body of the snake
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    The milky way as they saw it

    The mayan's looked to the stars for many things such as there gods and other practices, but that also found many parts of the cosmos that we know today such as our own galaxy They called the mlky way the world tree because we were inside it and it gave us life.
  • Aug 30, 775

    Stela C.

    Stela C.
    Maya lord K'ak' Tiliw Chan Yoat set up an immense stone monument in Quirigua in Izabal, Guatemala. It contained the longest single hieroglyphic representation of the Maya Creation Myth. Archaeologists named it Stela C.
  • Olmec "Flight Suit" Figure

    Olmec "Flight Suit" Figure
    An Olmec figure discovered on the Mezoamerican coastline appears to depict foreign man in a flight suit, carved with what appears to be a set of wings, a skull cap, and a life support apparatus.
  • "The Maya Astronaut"

    "The Maya Astronaut"
    Archaeologist Alberto Ruz discovers the the tomb of Pakal the Great buried in Palanque. His tomb seems to depict him in the eerie likeness of the cockpit of a space vehicle, dubbed the "Maya Astronaut".