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Maya ying lin

  • Moving

    Maya's parent moved from China in 1958
  • Maya Ying Lin was born

    Maya was born on April 5,1959 in Athens ,Ohio
  • Contest won

    Contest won
    Maya won a contest for the design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
  • Vietnam Veterans memorial

    Vietnam Veterans memorial
    Maya's memorial has been finished.
  • U.s Congess

    U.s Congess
    the u.s congess desided that the memorial should represent u.s more so they put a couple of bronze statue next to the memorial
  • The Civil Rights memorial.

    The Civil Rights memorial.
    maya made the Civil Rights Memorial in 1989
  • groundswell

    Maya created the groundswell
  • The Women's Table

    The Women's Table
    Maya created the womens table
  • The Wave Field

    The Wave Field
    Maya created the wave field.
  • Eclipsed Time

    Eclipsed Time
    Maya created the eclipsed time
  • Topologies

    Maya created topologies
  • Asian/pacific/american studies institute

    Maya created a.p.a. studies institute.
  • ecliptic

    maya created the ecliptic
  • Input

    Maya created the Input
  • Flutter

    Maya created the Flutter
  • Garden of perception

    Garden of perception
    Maya created the garden of perception
  • Above and below

    Above and below
    maya created the above and below
  • Where the land meets the sea

    Where the land meets the sea
    Maya created Where the land meets the sea.
  • Storm king wave field

    Storm king wave field
    Maya created the storm king wave field
  • Bodies of water

    Bodies of water
    Maya created the Bodies of water
  • Systematic landscape

    Systematic landscape
    Maya created the systematic landscape
  • What's missing?

    What's missing?
    Maya created the What's missing
  • Maya

    Maya is still alive.
  • The confluence project

    The confluence project
    Maya is creating her project which is in progress