Matthew Henson's Smruftastic Adventure

  • Expedition Starts

    Expedition Starts
    The Roosevelt left New York to go to Cape Sheridan.
  • At Oyster Bay

    At Oyster Bay
    At Oyster Bay, New York, President Theodore Roosevelt came to wish henson and peary luck.
  • The Roosevelt arrived

    The Roosevelt arrived
    The Roosevelt arrived at Cape Sheridan on Sept. 5 1908.
  • special possestion

     special possestion
    Each man took a special possestion for Matt. It was in the bible.
  • Cape Columbia

    Cape Columbia
    On Feb. 28 two people Barlett and Broop left Cape Columbia to pioneer the trail.
  • Watied for a command

    At 6:30 the next morning, the learder of the main group, Henson waited for a command.
  • Caught up to Barlett

    Caught up to Barlett
    Peary and Henson caught up with Barlett at the big lead.
  • Matt saw the sun reaper

    On March 5, Matt saw the sun reaper ,a crimson spherethey were still waiting at the big lead.
  • Frozen over

    On March 11, it was -45 degrees and the lead was still frozen over and they scampteerd across.
  • Continuing Henson's wish

    On March 5, at 86 degrees 38 degrees, three men had already returend when it was Ross Marvins turn. He congraugulated Henson for continuing his wish to get to the North Pole.
  • Slepping in there igloos

    Barlett and there team of eskimos were slepping in there igloos when they caught up with Peary.
  • Disappointed for not going to the Pole

    Barrelt went back but he was disappointed for not going to the Pole but he knew Henson should go.In Aprilthey reparied sledges all day and rested,the Eskimos had a great treat- boild dog
  • Walking to find a great way

    Peary started out on foot on April 2at midnight,thenhe rode on a sledge then they marched for 10 hours.
  • Marched 100 miles

    On April 5 they had to march 100 miles to Matts calculated.They were so happy they only had 35 more miles to go.
  • At the Pole

    Peary had to be absolutely sure he was in the right plase. So the next morning at 6:00 he took more obsercations by 8-by-10 radious and he found out he was at the Pole.
  • Going over the lead

    Matt and his crew members came to the lead coverd with thin ice .He started going across the lead with a sledge and the runners broke through,he started to yell at the dogs to get to saftey.
  • Back at Cape Columbia

    On April 23 they were back at Cape Columbia when Peary heardy ahead when Matt and Peary and there team of Eskimos where a day amrch away.