Matthew Henson's Explore

Timeline created by wardm
  • The Roosevelt

    The Roosevelt
    The Roosevelt left New York heading to Cape Sheridan.
  • Oyster Bay

    Oyster Bay
    At Oyster Bay, New York, President Theodore Roosevelt came on board wishing Peary luck.
  • Matt started training

    Matt started training
    Matt began training and real men in the art of dog driving, igloo building, and survival at Cape Sheridan.
  • There Prize Possession

    There Prize Possession
    Each man was supose to grab a special possession and Matt picked his Bible.
  • Left Cape Columbia

    Left Cape Columbia
    Bartlett and Borup left from Cape Columbia to follow the trail. Bartlett set out to follow the trail.
  • To the North Pole

    To the North Pole
    Matt, the leader of the main group, waited for Peary's command, Henson and Peary were ready to head off to the pole.
  • The Big Lead

    The Big Lead
    When Henson & Peary were at the Big Lead it was Big and fearful.
  • Henson Working

    Henson Working
    Henson & Peary were at the Big Lead. Peary fixed the compasses and Matt worked on sledges.
  • Get Over the Big Lead

    Get Over the Big Lead
    Matt and peary and the crew tried to get over the Big Lead. The crew hurried along across the Big Lead.
  • Ross Marvin Turns Back

    Ross Marvin Turns Back
    It Ross Marvin's to turn back home there men had already returned as planned.
  • The Big Break

    The Big Break
    Henson and Peary finally caught up with Bartlett beside a Big Lead, and when they were sleeping Matt heard a grinding and saw that the ice broke between Henson's and Peary igloo's between Hensons Peary's and Bartletts igloos. Bartlett and his dogs were and different side of the ice and Bartlett and his dogs were floating in to the big lead and they leaped across the swirling water so they were safe.
  • Temperature

    At 87 46 degrees, it was Captain Bob turned to go back. The crew repaired sledges and rested.
  • On Adventure

    On Adventure
    Robert started out on foot and then he rode the sledge and caled the moon and sun, silver and gold.
  • The Runners

    The Runners
    Peary & Henson came to a lead covered with thin ice and runners broke through and fell in and he said it was hideous.
  • Miles and the Sun

    Robert Peary stopped and had taken an observation of the sun. It showed they were at 89 25! Only 35 miles to go.
  • America Flag

    America Flag
    Robert put a diagonal piece of the America flag and put it in a bottle and placed it in the ground to mark that the crew was there.
  • Return of the Roosevelt

    Return of the Roosevelt
    Matt and Peary returned to the Roosevelt safely and when Matt reached the ship and his friends were running up to him and they took him on the boat. Matt was overjoyed to see that he was safe with friends.