Matthew Hayden Achievments

By stmzdl
  • When he was born

    When he was born
    Matthew hayden was born on 29,October 1971 in Brisbane QLD.
  • Rated the best batter

    Rated the best batter
    Matthew played 103 test for Australia, was rated worlds best test basman from 1996 to 2006.
  • Ausralian sports medal

    Ausralian sports medal
    Hayden was awarded the Australians sports medal on the 14, july 2002
  • Highest test score from a Australian

    Highest test score from a Australian
    In 2003 Matthew set the highest test score by a Australian being 380 runs.
  • Allan Border Medal

    Allan Border Medal
    Matthew won the Allan Border medal for being the best Australian player in 2002.
  • Foundations and charities

    Foundations and charities
    He is a patron of Parent Project Australia, a charity fighting for a cure for duchenne musclar dystrophy. Matthew has set a website called The Hayden Way. A company that promotes lifestyle centred on community and family, social responsiblity and sustainability though a celebration of sport an recreation and leisure pursuits.
  • Ambassador for the World Youth day

    Ambassador for the World Youth day
    Hayden was an Ambassador for the world youth day in Sydney 2008.
  • Member of the Order

    On the 26. Janury 2010 he was appointed an Member of the Order of Australia for service to cricket and to the community though a support for a range of health and youth and charitable organisations.
  • Retired

    Matthew retires from all forms of cricket on September 2012.
  • Foundations and charities

    Foundations and charities
    Matthew is involved in several charities including The McGrath Foundation and the Fatherhood Foundation, also an ambassador for the Global Public school of Kerala in India and 'Find Your 30' Eat Well, Be Active campaign and Chairmen of the Indignous Cricket and Co patron of the Champagnat Trust- Marist College Ashgrove in Brisbane. Also ambassador of the Australian Indigenous Education ( WYD ambassador.