Matthew Folsom

  • Birth

    Marvolous day in history. Northside Hospital
  • Discovery of Ecceptional Engineering Skills

    Discovery of Ecceptional Engineering Skills
    Me and David at a Boy Scout meeting, making a model raft.
  • First Love

    First Love
    Valentines Day party
  • Wild Side Found

    Wild Side Found
  • Kills Bear

    Kills Bear
    5th grade trip to Camp Wasega. I dont really know what i am doing.
  • July 4th

    July 4th
    Chilling like villians on the Fouth of July.
  • Graduation

    Highschool Graduation
  • Enrollment in AIM

    Enrollment in AIM attend the Atlanta Institute of Music for a career of producing. This job is basically making (producing) beats and rythms for rappers, techno, and club settings. Many producers also make songs and jingles for movies, advertisements, commercials, and radio stations. Producers also can record live bands, and tweek the sound settings during live preformances. A degree is not needed to become a producer, but a degree from a school like AIM that is specifically for them, would hold a bit of wieght.
  • Enrollment in GT

    Enrollment in GT Georgia Tech for the study of Electrical Engineering. Electricians can help wire entire buildings, fix telephone wires, or even help the development of a better headphone. Two great schools you could attend to become an extremely succesful electrician would be Georgia tech, and Texas A&M. In highschool, it would be wise to take algebra, geometry, and physics.