Math IA

  • Period: to


  • Choose 50 people to participate

  • Create logbooks

  • Have everyone take a survey

  • Test resonse times

  • Send out logbooks

  • Make sure everyone starts

  • Start with the right-up)

    (making cover page, first page, and anything extra you can do at this point)
  • Start to make graphs of the reaction time results

  • Learn how to do hypothesis testing

  • Make sure how to do all other mathematical processes

  • Send out message: Testing is complete

  • Send out a message to everyone: turn in logbooks

  • Test new reaction time

  • Extra research

    Any extra mathematical processes that I need to know, and anything else so that I can be completely sure I know how to do everything
  • Start with the first draft of IA

  • Create graphs

    scatter plots, bar graphs, anything else that might be needed
  • Conclusion

  • First draft of IA ready

  • See if you can get the first draft checked by Mr. Snyder

  • Start on 2nd Draft

    Make corrections, add anything else
  • Have 2nd draft ready

  • If needed - 3rd draft

  • Have 3rd draft ready - otherwise, start FINAL


  • Turn in IA