mason and haley

  • Aug 29, 1492

    colubis america

    colubis america
    Fact 2 1492 Columbus was searching for India and arrives in America. This is important because we would not be living in America.
  • jamestown

    The Jamestown expedition was financed by the Virginia Company of London, which believed that precious metals were to be found in the area. From the outset, however, Jamestown suffered from disease and conflict with Indians. WHY: it showed how to build a colony
  • pilgrams

    The Pilgrims Arrive in Plymouth with out the pilgrims arriving. This is important because we would not have thanksgiving and we would not have good interaction with the Indians.
  • benjamin franklin

    benjamin franklin
    Benjamin Franklin may possibly have conducted his famous kite experiment, in Philadelphia successfully extracting sparks from a cloud.
    This is important because this discovery help other inventors invent amazing things.
  • boston tea party

    boston tea party
    officials in Boston refused to return three shiploads of taxed tea to Britain, a group of colonists boarded the ships and destroyed the tea by throwing it into Boston Harbor. The incident remains an iconic event of American history, and other political protests often refer to it.
    It is showing England that the colonies aren’t going to take unfairness.
  • paul revere ride

    paul revere ride
    Paul rever midnight ride he rode through Lexington wring the militia of the England army arriving. This is important with out him riding American militia would have been destroyed.
  • revolutionary war start

    revolutionary war start
    the revolutionary war is started French Spain and Dutch secretly supplied the colonies.
    this is important because if that didn’t happen the USA would not exist we would still be part of England.
  • revoltionary war end

    revoltionary war end
    the end of revolutionary war.
    This is important because if we did not we would be treated more harshly by English rule.
  • constitution

    Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and ratified by conventions in each U.S. state in the name of "The People.
    This is important because it shaped our country rules and laws
  • cotton gin

    cotton gin
    cotton gin did the work of a hundred slaves.
    this is important because it did not kill as many slaves and made clothes making more efficient.
  • lousiana purchase

    lousiana purchase
    The land purchased contained all of present-day Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, parts of the purcashe included Minnesota that were west of the Mississippi River, most of North Dakota, nearly all of South Dakota, northeastern New Mexico, northern Texas, the portions of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado east of the Continental Divide, and Louisiana west of the Mississippi River, including the city of New Orleans. this is inportant becuase with out it we wouldn't have 50 states
  • territory of missouri

    territory of missouri
    The territory of Missouri came to the US as a part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803; however Missouri did not become an official state of the union until August 10th of 1821.
    It was the 24th state and joined the union as a slave state.
  • war of 1812

    war of 1812
    America declares war on British. The Native Americans were supported by England so they help them repel the American attackers.
    This is important because America would not have had as many states.
  • civil war

    civil war
    the civil war was the American north vs. south. This is important because this will abolish slavery.
  • spansh american war

    spansh american war
    This was America helping Cuba gain independence but America had control for a while.
    This is important because it is showing America is one of the world powers.
  • first car

    first car
    Henry ford builds the first automobile the model t.
    this is important because this made travel faster and easier.
  • world war 1

    world war 1
    world war 1 [ww1] the allied forces vs. central powers.
    This is important because if we had not won the world would be ruled by evil countries.
  • world war 2

    world war 2
    world war two, which was axis vs., allies.
    This is important because if we did not the world would be ruled by Nazi Germany.
  • saddam hussein

    saddam hussein
    killing Saddam Hussein hanging him.
    This is important because he was evil leader who killed his own people with wmd poisons gas.
  • osama bin laden

    osama bin laden
    killing osama bin laden.
    This is important because he was the man who made 911 happen and we crippled a Territory origination al-Qaeda.