Mary Wollstonecraft

Timeline created by iger
  • The First Move

    Mary's father packed up her and her family and made them move in hopes to become a gentleman farmer. This was a big moment in Mary's life as it was the first move for her and she would later become known for her travel writing. This also marked the begining decline of her families financial and social decline. This decline would help open her up more of the injustices she would later come to stand up against.
  • the Escape

    After some time living with her friend Fanny and her family, Mary moved in with her sister and her family. Unclear as to why, Mary and her sister left their home leaving Mary's sisiter's infant daughter and husband. This marked a point in Mary's life about standing up for what she felt was best at any cost. Sadly after doing so, Mary's infant niece passed away. This drastic life decision lead to Mary, her sister and Fanny began plans to open up a school.
  • The Vindication of the Rights of Woman

    The Vindication of the Rights of Woman
    Mary's book The Vindication of the Rights of Woman was published. This book became one of the most groundbreaking pieces of women's rights literature. It is often referred to as her greatest literary work and helped set her place in history.
  • The Man

    Mary met and left england for a man named Captain Gilbert Imlay. She later had a child with this man however eventually this relationship would fall apart sending Mary into a depression that resulted in an attempted suicide. This demise of her relationship later drove her into her work.