Mary Shelleys life

  • Mary Shelley is born

    Her father, William Godwin, was a radical writer and philosopher, while her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, was a pioneer of women’s liberation.
  • Mary Wollstonecraft dies

    She is thirtyeight
  • Meets Percy Shelley

    She is sixteen
  • Runs away with Percy Shelley to Switzerland

  • Her first child, a girl unnamed, is born

    She is sick when being born and dies 3 weeks after
  • Her second child, William, is born

  • Gets the idea to "Frankenstein" through a dream

    The idea of writing Frankenstein came when Mary was on a holiday in Switzerland in 1816 with Shelley and Lord Byron. They were telling each other stories and decided that each of them would write their own.
  • Fanny, her half-sister, commits suicide

  • Harriot, Percy's wife, commits suicide

  • Marry and Shelley get married

  • Gives birth to their third child, Clara Everina

  • "Frankenstein" is published

  • Clara dies

  • William dies, 3-years old

  • Their fourth child, Percy Florence, is born. She is the only surviving child

  • Pregnant with their 5th child

  • Percy Shelley drowns

  • Mary Shelley miscarries

  • Her father, William Godwin, dies

  • Mary Shelley dies